GO EAST blog

this blog follows the road movie research of estonian performance artist katrin essenson and swiss performance artist matthias ruettimann across the former states of the sovjet union. mai - july 2016   

end of the road

Lasnamäe 17072016

17 july the road ends in lasnamäe. Fallow land. The traveler speaks davaj davaj, the plants answer by growing silently, the sky has no specific opinion and changes stoical.

where to go

Krasnosnamjenka performance

"If you don't change the direction you will end up where you are going."

Konfuzius (probably but not sure)

sending out the bees

Katrin fire show Notafe 13072016

Notafe Festival in Viljandi at 23:07, Katrin is sending out the bees in a slightly darkening night.

happy birthday ruth

dear Ruth 

you have dedicated for more than 50 years your passion, your mind, your life to action theater. I think and I know an increasing bunch of people who agree in this, it was absolutely worth to go so consequently this way. I don't know how many people you saved their life by teaching them action theater. But I know for sure one who can admit it.

what a pleasure to learn from your deep experience.

thank you for teaching, for sharing your experience so generous, and thank you for inventing this body based practice of improvisation. 

Life wants to be playful and action theater makes life playful.

happy birthday Ruth