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this blog follows the road movie research of estonian performance artist katrin essenson and swiss performance artist matthias ruettimann across the former states of the sovjet union. mai - july 2016   

homage on red square

Red square performance 19062016

Sunday, 10.40 am, red square Moscow. What will happen if you do the same performance you did in Krasnosamjenka, Siberia, here in Moscow on the red square? The difference could not be bigger. There in this tiny village of 38 inhabitants was only one sandy road, called central road. Here the 20 million capital of the Russian empire with his historical meaningful main square. Surrounded of hundreds of Asian tourists you stand in middle of the square and pull the white cloth over your head. Covered by the white canvas you feel total vulnerable. You are not alone under this cover, with you your fears. You try to think about something else, you remember Max  Dätwyler, who walked in 1964 with a white flag on the red square. He wanted to talk with the rulers in kreml, but they ignored the Swiss  peace apostle. Not so in this case. After three minutes two heavy armed security guys, tourist police, Oleg and Aleksej, asked you to stop the action. You explained them that you do this performance on different places. But not here, Oleg says in a broken English. They warned you and went away, but returned almost in a sudden to ask your passport. They write your name in a notebook. Oleg who is the spokesman says, we thought you want suicide yourself. No no, I love to live, you said and laughed. Now he laughs as well and confirms yes yes I love life too. Then the discussion went further. He reminded pavlenskis performance on the red square and wants to know from Katrin, what do you think if your son would sit naked on the red square and nail his balls on the floor. She says, if he has good reasons to do it I would support his art. Oleg shakes his head! I don't understand that as an art, I have been educated differently, I'm conservative. Then they went away. You take your "white flag" and look around. It seems as if nobody took notice of the incident. Everybody is occupied with taking selfies.

This performance is a homage to Max Dätwyler, a simple man with a big idea of a peaceful world, and dedicated to my beloved daughters. May the world become ready for the big idea.

"Heute wehte die weisse Fahne auf dem Roten Platze. Oben auf dem Kreml die rote Fahne Lenins. Welch ein Anblick für die Russen! Wir werden sehen, welche Fahne mächtiger ist. Ich weiss es. Die Herren im Kreml ahnen es ..." Max Dätwyler, Moscow 1964


masterclass moscow

Masterclass Moscow 18062016

on Thursday night Katerina and Alena posted on Facebook that there will be a masterclass improvisation in ЦЕХ Studio, Skakovaja ulitsa 24. On Friday you arrived in the studio and had a hearty welcome by the staff of this studio for contemporary dance. At 7 pm you started the class with 20 participants, but there came more and more. Finally more than 30 open minded and very engaging students practiced two days improvisation. Thank you all for this experience, for your openness and your readiness to share this vision about improvisation as an aware full way of communication. Wish you all the best on your journey, artistically and in life.

here speaks radio moscow

Moscow belarusski voksal 17062016

finally Moscow. The dream of the three sisters. Oh Moscow, never resting capital. Finally the capital came to Moscow. Black Sea of all the business that is done in Russia. As Ivan told us in the train, all money goes to Moscow. Around the corner where you have your apartment there is a shop 24 част and there you get even Emmi cheese. If Russia is under sanctions from Europe, so Moscow is excluded. 

speaking lenin

You on red square 17062016

on the red square you speak out loud Lenin's word you read on a statue in jekaterinenburg.

"all we have realized shows that we use the most wonderful power of the world, the power of the workers and peasants."

true word. But what is his veritable sens 92 years after Lenins death?

cowish performance

Street performance krasnosamjenka

Tuesday morning 9 am. Performance in the Zentralnaya ulitsa in Krasnosamjenka.

You were joined by a black and white cow and you performed 10 minutes together. 

In the audience one local peasant who was laughing. Don't know about which animal.