on the road performances

upcoming performances

as the road movie research comes along there will be public performances presenting the collected material and inviting local artists to participate and share their artistic work by performing or taking part in round table talks about being artist in contemporary times and society

road movie - stopover kemerovo 

09.06.2016 19:00  Anti-Café Кот Да Винчи, Sovjetskij Prospekt 48, Kemerovo 


1) ON THE FLOOR with Polina Lapina ( dance), Aksinia Saricheva (drawings), Alexander Markvart (music)

2) THE INVENTION OF SIBERIA with Matthias Ruettimann (performance), Artur Pechenkin (music)

3) Movies and Sounds by Katrin Essenson 

4) Siberian Improvisation Company (Alexander Markvart, Artur Pechenkin ...) improvised music and performance with Sergej  Sergeev and Matthias Ruettimann 

Thanks to Sasha, Sergej, Larissa, Olga for organization 

Poster stoppover st.petersburg

road movie - stopover st.petersburg

performance with katrin essenson, matthias ruettimann and local artists

28.05.2016 17:00 Ligovskiy prospekt 99, st.petersburg

public performance and round table talk 

Invitation: local artists who like to participate in a improvisation together with katrin and matthias are welcome to meet them already at 14:00 at Ligovskiy Prospekt 99 for preparation

more venues coming soon

 Katrin Essenson & Matthias Ruettimann