how to get away

buy tickets and go - by train from Biel to Basel, from Basel to Berlin, stay some days in Kreuzberg and get the flow by improvisation, listen to the broter Karamasow in the Volksbühne at the Rosa-Luxemburg-square and remember the sentence:

Then leave Berlin by train and arrive in delay in Warsaw (not to confound with Joy Division), take a taxi to the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews and enter just before closing time, meet Frank Stella, the outstanding American artist who constructed abstract images, reliefs inspired by Synagogues of Historic Poland, Synagogues which disappeared in the flames of the II WW.

Later at night, 11pm, you enter a bus from Warsaw to Vilnius, sleep next to Nadja, a polish student who recommends you to visit Romania and who is on the scale of happiness at level nine from ten, explaining that she learned to overcome difficulties and resistance. Take a break in the warm morning sun at Vilnius coach station and merge to another world unlabled yet. On platform 19 your bus to Riga awaits you and brings you in 4 and a half hours to Riga crossing flat, yellow painted landscapes and arrive in a snowstorm of appleblossoms in the latvian capital. Stay a little bit on the seaside and walk over to Arsenals, museum for modern Art, to honor Ilmars Blumbergs (1943-2016) "people like him only appear once every century" and follow Snowing all the Time (Visu laiku snieg), a serie of 35 paintings tracing Latvia's history from Stalinist deportations to the restoration of independence. 

Sit later in another bus from the company LuxExpress which brings you in this delightful light of a slowly, very slowly sinking sun along the sea to last of the baltic states, Estonia. Arrive after eleven pm. and get packet into a taxi and end up on the third floor in an smokey apartment of a former member of the parlament, who welcomes you with a hughe glass of Vodka preparing you for Russia. He reminds you not to film any buildings like bridges, railway stations, industrial complexes, always pretend to be a tourist, don't try to be an artist and as a tourist never try to buy an official, that makes it worse. Dazed from the current speech and the endless ascending smoke that climbs the bookshelves where all is written about the KGB, about Stalin, Peter Suur, Hitler, Lenin, Trotzky, the whole who is who of a still lasting history.

so you get to the east as some flotsam thrown to the beach at the Baltic Sea.