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this blog follows the road movie research of estonian performance artist katrin essenson and swiss performance artist matthias ruettimann across the former states of the sovjet union. mai - july 2016   

perform the unknown -stoppover st.petersburg

Performance stoppover st.petersburg

saturday 4:30 pm, meeting at Ligovskiy prospekt 99, Konstantin shows up, the front door to the performance space is locked. Who has a key? Sergey strolls over from ligovskiy metro station, his red hair swings in the rhythm of the walk. We have to enter the performance spacae by the library next door, climb down a narrow stairway to a dark cellar, creep through an installation, which reminds you to some woody Allen movie as the installation seems to be a huge narrow sticky birth canal where you have to go through to arrive finally in the performance space. Half an hour later the door is open and a bunch of people gathered. There were Sergey Kostyrko and Konstantin Samolovov, who made up the venue, Igor, a jazz musician, you just met the day before in the streets playing the trumpet in front of the Resurrection Church, a young painter, who came with Igor, Katerina Tchadina, a student in contemporary dance, and Tania Gordeeva, a teacher at the school for contemporary dance and performance, Oksana and Pavel, two actors from a group called teatr labor, a tall girl, who heads for improvised music, Ilia Belorukov, a musician and founder of a label for experimental and improvised music called Intomena, further a silent enigmatic guy, who reads Stanislaw Lem, a photographer in a black outfit, and some others, sixteen in all. 

what starts as a structured performance turns into a wild and playful happening. Five videos taken from our week in St.Petersburg form the basic structure of an open improvisation with various participants. The videos, between 3 and 15 minutes long, are projected on the wall. Sergey and the tall girl bow over their laptops and electronical equipment, the audience mutes into actors, the whole space becomes a stage, you are joining Pavels movement, yelling Russian words offered by Oksana, you are listening the tapping of Katerina's feet on the linoleum, you become a statue, formed by changing actors, you see a bottle rolling over the floor, you receive a cherry tomatoe, you hear the waves of the swelling sound flooding the space, on the wall visitors of the ermitage are passing by and Konstantin adds a tableau to the exhibition.

five hours later, after some talking and sharing the experience, the room empties and the last once find themselves on the Ligovskiy prospekt in the unceasing grumble of the traffic and the upcoming lights of a city in a state of tender fatigue.


road movie - stoppover st.petersburg

performance with katrin essenson, matthias ruettimann and local artists

28.05.2016 17:00 ligovskij prospekt 99, st.petersburg

public performance and round table talk 

Invitation: local artists who like to participate in a improvisation together with katrin and matthias are welcome to meet them already at 14:00 in the same place for preparation


View on Neva from hermitage

what you see on a tour through Hermitage - just masterpieces

how to get lost in "Peter"

Tuesday 24 May - you want to get lost? - Here's the manual: 

Go to the next Metrostation. Throw a coin to choose the direction. Take the next train in this direction till the second last stopp. Get out of the station and choose the next person that catches your attention. Follow the person as long as possible. Then choose another person and follow as long as possible. Then another and another.

If you find back to your hotel one day, try to track the route.

Here is the report:  

17:52 Nevskiy Prospekt station M2 direction Kupchino

18:32 Zvyozdnaya station Arrival. 

19:40 square in front of Zvyozdnaya station: Young man in shorts, white tshirt, eating an ice cream, carrying a plastic bag. Goes to a parking lot, checks his car, goes to a flat.

19:49 Zvyozdnaya ulitsa 88: Man disappears in elevator and stops on second floor.

20:08 woman in police uniform, app. 25 years old. Walks to Zvyozdnaya ulitsa and takes a bus. Gets out of bus at the next station, walks along a path together with five young men in same uniform.

20:19 Dunaysky Prospekt 7k2: woman disappears in student home. Access only for residents.

20:24 woman, black trousers, black coat, black shoes, black blouse, white polka dots on the collar, wearing a black handbag and speaks into a mobile phone. Walks down Zvyozdnaya ulitsa.

20:39 enters metro station Zvyozdnaya and takes M2 direction Parnas.

21:27 Metrostation Parnas: woman leaves station goes to a bank, exits the bank, walks along street, enters Dixi Supermarket, exits supermarket, walks over parking lot and takes another street.

22:14 ulitsa Saretschna 37/2: woman disappears in an elevator. (See photo at the bottom)

Finally you did not get lost but you discovered undiscovered sights, worth to be seen.


 Where you lost the guide at 22:14

Where you lost the guide at 22:14

new forms of praying

Praying in Auferstehungskirche

visiting the "Auferstehungskirche" called the bloody church, because emperor Alexander II has been murdered on the spot where the church has been build, so visiting this place you discover new forms of praying. It seems to be an international spiritual movement that does this uprising form of praying and asking for salvation.