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this blog follows the road movie research of estonian performance artist katrin essenson and swiss performance artist matthias ruettimann across the former states of the sovjet union. mai - july 2016   

the legendary tramway performance

Sasha Glazunova in tram way performance

Театр бстреца  invites Katrin Essenson and you to participate in the so called tramway performance. At 11 pm the tramway is packed up with a crowd of people who don't want to miss this ride. And they got crazy, for sure. Yelling, howling, screaming, stamping - the audience made the performance animated from a bunch of lost performers. 

at the end stopp everybody was exhausted. The audience seemed to be happy, the performers confused and in a kind of consternation.

that was the moment for Sasha Markvart and Max Stropov, two perform on the rail cord. Wonderful peaceful moment at the terminus of the tram, where the rail vanished in a coal dark night.

And the performers found a solution, they decided to do nothing on the way back, just find a place and keep the silence. 

You stand there and the tramways dances you. And then this woman catches you, takes your arm, leans against your chest and so the dance turned into a pas-de-deux - the tramway does its best to give this two lost souls a unforgettable ride through the Siberian coal miners night. Yes, the eternal flame of Kemerovo is still burning and writes its ephemeral hieroglyphs on the  blackboard of the glooming universe.

masterclass kemerovo

Masterclass Kemerovo

"I will keep for me the experience, that rules can be broken and there is nothing wrong about this." - "I liked the task not to judge what I or others are doing." - "In the beginning I was selective and I wanted to work with certain persons and not with others. But in the end it didn't matter and I liked to work with all in the class." - "I liked to get crazy." - "I felt that we were very much one group through these group exercises." - "I think this workshop taught me not only for stage performances but for the daily life." - "I started to discover my voice and I see how important it is for me to use my voice." - "I want absolutely to go on with improvisation!" 

Some quotations of the participants of the masterclass workshop improvisation which was ongoing from  7 to 9 June in the Yoga center in Kemerovo. Actors, dancers, performers from Kemerovo and Tomsk, all in all more than 15 very interested and attentive students took part in this three days workshop. It was a great experience for me as a teacher to work with you. I learned a lot of you for my future teaching in improvisation. I discovered that one key word for this kind of practice is: enjoy what you are doing in this very moment.

thank you Larissa, Sergej, Alexander, Sasha, Julia, Polina, Julia, Katja, Tina, Masha, Anna, Kiril, Olga, Julia, Katja, Katrin and all the others for engaging you so much. Hope to have another chance to work with you.

Performance Stopover Kemerovo

Anti-Café Sovjetskij prospekt 84 Kemerovo

in this nice anti-café of Olga will be the performance on 9 June at 7 pm

road movie - stopover kemerovo 

09.06.2016 19:00  Anti-Café Кот Да Винчи, Sovjetskij Prospekt 48, Kemerovo 


1) ON THE FLOOR with Polina Lapina ( dance), Aksinia Saricheva (drawings), Alexander Markvart (music)

2) THE INVENTION OF SIBERIA with Matthias Ruettimann (performance), Artur Pechenkin (music)

3) Movies and Sounds by Katrin Essenson 

4) Siberian Improvisation Company (Alexander Markvart, Artur Pechenkin ...) improvised music and performance with Sergej  Sergeev and Matthias Ruettimann 

Thanks to Sasha, Sergej, Larissa, Olga for organization 


how many chairs

Sergej Sergej y Matthias Performance 09062016

"Sergej, do we need two chairs for our performance, what do you think?" - Sergej (with strong Russian accent): "Matthias, I think this is brilliant idea." - (Swiss accent) "I'm happy to hear that, Sergej, let's take two chairs."

two passionate performers meet on stage. For the first time they improvise together, in company with Sasha Markvart, the third man b hind his instruments. In improvisation all is possible even if you speak no Russian and your partner only a little English. The trio faces all difficulties with bravery and solved even big problems as Russian finger stuck in Russian chair with help of unknown local engineer and a violin bow. Let's remember Ricks famous last line in "Casablanca" movie ...  "Sergej and Sasha, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."


Omsk station

20:57 Sunday night June 5 we crossed the line which according to the timetable of the Russian railways separates Europe from Asia and we entered Siberia. Three hours later, at 23:47 the trains stops in Omsk, as always precisely on the minute fulfilling the timetable. Local time is three o'clock in the morning, because all the trains run according to Moscow time. The night in Omsk is like a silk robe, it wraps you in a warm deep satin blue that is enlightened on the boards. The train stewardesses hang on their phones, lazy and negligent, 48 hours far from Moscow all discipline and duty seems to be used up. On the platform the smokers are lined up as candles in an Orthodox Church. You walk up and down this silky night and your thoughts follow you as glow worms blinking over the tracks.