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this blog follows the road movie research of estonian performance artist katrin essenson and swiss performance artist matthias ruettimann across the former states of the sovjet union. mai - july 2016   

speaking lenin

You on red square 17062016

on the red square you speak out loud Lenin's word you read on a statue in jekaterinenburg.

"all we have realized shows that we use the most wonderful power of the world, the power of the workers and peasants."

true word. But what is his veritable sens 92 years after Lenins death?

here speaks radio moscow

Moscow belarusski voksal 17062016

finally Moscow. The dream of the three sisters. Oh Moscow, never resting capital. Finally the capital came to Moscow. Black Sea of all the business that is done in Russia. As Ivan told us in the train, all money goes to Moscow. Around the corner where you have your apartment there is a shop 24 част and there you get even Emmi cheese. If Russia is under sanctions from Europe, so Moscow is excluded. 



Paradise lost. Krasnosamjenka has 38 inhabitants according to wikipedia, but billions of mosquitos. 

You wonder how the 38 could assimilate to mosquitos paradise. 

In the swamps of Siberia you were Oleg's guest. He calls himself an art anarchist. You spent the night in his home and you carried the smell of the fried herrings into the cities.

cowish performance

Street performance krasnosamjenka

Tuesday morning 9 am. Performance in the Zentralnaya ulitsa in Krasnosamjenka.

You were joined by a black and white cow and you performed 10 minutes together. 

In the audience one local peasant who was laughing. Don't know about which animal.



Market Kemerovo

Strange moments on a market place hidden behind some industrial complexes, at 4 pm when thermometer shows 41 degree this afternoon in Kemerovo. What's here going on? Surrealism or spontaneous assimilation?