katrin essenson

Katrin Essenson (born in 1973) has been creating performances since 1998. She graduated from the Tallinn University choreography department (BA) and studied (MA) in Interdisciplinary Arts in the Estonian Academy of Arts. More self-aware of her artistic approach her works have been performed at various dance festivals in Estonia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Macedonia, Slovenia & USA.

In 2000 she was working in Sasha Pepelyaev’s Kinetic Theater and in 2004 she had an artistic residency in Berlin collaborating with an artists group Wilhelm Groener.

Lately Katrin Essenson is operating more and more in the fields of interdisciplinary arts. Among other creative projects Essenson has been establishing experimental sound environment and radio art based LocalRadio (www.lokaalraadio.ee) “station” in Tallinn together with media artist Raul Keller.


Katrin Essenson together with scenographer Liina Keevallik curates the festival May Lily Days, a pagan spring celebration of the fringe areas of Europe in Tallinn.