the legendary tramway performance

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Театр бстреца  invites Katrin Essenson and you to participate in the so called tramway performance. At 11 pm the tramway is packed up with a crowd of people who don't want to miss this ride. And they got crazy, for sure. Yelling, howling, screaming, stamping - the audience made the performance animated from a bunch of lost performers. 

at the end stopp everybody was exhausted. The audience seemed to be happy, the performers confused and in a kind of consternation.

that was the moment for Sasha Markvart and Max Stropov, two perform on the rail cord. Wonderful peaceful moment at the terminus of the tram, where the rail vanished in a coal dark night.

And the performers found a solution, they decided to do nothing on the way back, just find a place and keep the silence. 

You stand there and the tramways dances you. And then this woman catches you, takes your arm, leans against your chest and so the dance turned into a pas-de-deux - the tramway does its best to give this two lost souls a unforgettable ride through the Siberian coal miners night. Yes, the eternal flame of Kemerovo is still burning and writes its ephemeral hieroglyphs on the  blackboard of the glooming universe.