masterclass kemerovo

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"I will keep for me the experience, that rules can be broken and there is nothing wrong about this." - "I liked the task not to judge what I or others are doing." - "In the beginning I was selective and I wanted to work with certain persons and not with others. But in the end it didn't matter and I liked to work with all in the class." - "I liked to get crazy." - "I felt that we were very much one group through these group exercises." - "I think this workshop taught me not only for stage performances but for the daily life." - "I started to discover my voice and I see how important it is for me to use my voice." - "I want absolutely to go on with improvisation!" 

Some quotations of the participants of the masterclass workshop improvisation which was ongoing from  7 to 9 June in the Yoga center in Kemerovo. Actors, dancers, performers from Kemerovo and Tomsk, all in all more than 15 very interested and attentive students took part in this three days workshop. It was a great experience for me as a teacher to work with you. I learned a lot of you for my future teaching in improvisation. I discovered that one key word for this kind of practice is: enjoy what you are doing in this very moment.

thank you Larissa, Sergej, Alexander, Sasha, Julia, Polina, Julia, Katja, Tina, Masha, Anna, Kiril, Olga, Julia, Katja, Katrin and all the others for engaging you so much. Hope to have another chance to work with you.